Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Episode 25: Is Children's Ministry Real Ministry?

Is Children's Ministry real ministry or is it just babysitting?

The answer to that question is a no brainer, and in this episode we'll talk about how God uses the awesome world of Children's Ministry to change the lives of kids, leaders and parents. 

If you're discouraged or wondering if your ministry to kids really matters, this is the episode you do not want to miss. 

Listen to Episode 25 in the media player on the blog or over on iTunes. 

In this episode I refer to the book Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby that teaches the principle to look for where God is working in the world and join Him in whatever He is up to today.  This has been a big part of why I've stuck with Children's Ministry for twenty-five years.  I love getting to watch God work in the lives of kids, leaders and parents and wouldn't want to miss out on watching Him in action.  You can check out Experiencing God on Amazon or in the preview below. 

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