Sunday, March 15, 2020

Navigating the Coronavirus Crisis In Children's Ministry

The global Coronavirus crisis has not only claimed thousands of lives, but has created massive disruptions in everyday life for our families and churches. What does it look like to minister to kids, parents and leaders during this challenging time?

Check out the latest episode of the Simple Kidmin Podcast in the media player below or in iTunes for a few ideas of how we can serve families in this season.


If you'd like to see some of the things our Children's Ministry is doing to stay connected with families, you can check out our Southland Kids Facebook Page.

Along with weekend teaching content we also put together this Bible Story Review Game video, a simpler version of a game we've been playing live all month long in our elementary environments.

Here is the link to our Parent Guide for talking to kids about the Coronavirus.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

027: Kidmin Lessons from Christmas Movies

What can Christmas movies teach us about kidmin?  Find out in this episode as we take a look at three classics: ElfIt's a Wonderful Life and A Charlie Brown Christmas and see what lessons we can learn about Children's Ministry, leadership and following Jesus.  
For more Christmas inspiration, check out Jason's book, Holiday Road: A Christmas Devotional on Amazon.

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Holiday Road: A Christmas Devotional

Are your holidays more hectic than holy?  More weary than worshipful?  Do they leave you exhausted and longing for more?
Check out Holiday Road: A Christmas Devotional and rediscover the joy in the journey to Christmas. Meander the back roads to Bethlehem with these 25 light-hearted devotions written to help you refocus on what really matters during the holidays.  Holiday Road is available online in both paperback and e-book.  

Friday, November 15, 2019

Free Bible Story Download: Jehoshaphat vs the Big Bad Army

When King Jehoshaphat learns three enemy armies have teamed up against him, he knows he and the people of Judah don’t stand a chance.  Their only hope is for God to swoop in and save the day.  
In this interactive retelling of the classic Bible story from 2 Chronicles 20, kids will discover that God is bigger than all our fears.  When we choose to worship instead of worry, we see just how big God really is.  
Jehoshaphat vs the Big Bad Army includes a full story script, pre-story game and all the graphics you will need to bring the Bible to life for your kids.  You can download this free creative teaching when you sign up for Bible Story Coach newsletter.  

Episode 26: 3 Skills Small Group Leaders Need to Win with Kids

What skills do small group leaders and Sunday School teachers need to win with kids?  Today we will talk about three essential skills you can use for training your leaders to make them more effective in Children's Ministry.

These skills will come in handy for onboarding new leaders as well as coaching leaders who are already on your team. Also, you can use these skills a template for building teams with leaders who complement each other's strengths and weaknesses.

 Listen to Episode 26 in the media player on the blog or over on iTunes. 

Also in this episode I mention my website just for kidmin storytellers and teachers, Head on over and check it out. You can download a free story, Jehoshaphat and the Big Bad Army when you sign up for the newsletter.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Episode 25: Is Children's Ministry Real Ministry?

Is Children's Ministry real ministry or is it just babysitting?

The answer to that question is a no brainer, and in this episode we'll talk about how God uses the awesome world of Children's Ministry to change the lives of kids, leaders and parents. 

If you're discouraged or wondering if your ministry to kids really matters, this is the episode you do not want to miss. 

Listen to Episode 25 in the media player on the blog or over on iTunes. 

In this episode I refer to the book Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby that teaches the principle to look for where God is working in the world and join Him in whatever He is up to today.  This has been a big part of why I've stuck with Children's Ministry for twenty-five years.  I love getting to watch God work in the lives of kids, leaders and parents and wouldn't want to miss out on watching Him in action.  You can check out Experiencing God on Amazon or in the preview below. 

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Bringing the Bible to Life for Kids

God's story is the best story ever. That's means it requires our best as storytellers to bring it to life for our kids. The good news is this is easier than it sounds.

Whether you're a Sunday School teacher with eight children in your room or a large group storyteller communicating to hundreds of kids from a stage, the principles of effective storytelling are the same.  You have to be intentional with what you say and how you say it. It's a combination of both content and presentation.

Here are three episodes of the Simple Kidmin Podcast that will help you with both. Episodes 18 & 20 focus on presentation skills, while Episode 22 is a mixture of both content and presentation tips.

Check these out and try some of the techniques with your kids. You'll be amazed at how just a few tweaks can make a huge difference when you're bringing God's story to life.

If you'd like more storytelling help, you can read my free ebook, Anatomy of a Perfect Bible Lesson, available here.

Storytelling Part 1: Voice

Listen here on the blog or in iTunes.

Storytelling Part 2: Face & Body

Listen here on the blog or in iTunes.

Storytelling Part 3: 12 Tips for Success

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Saturday, August 17, 2019

How to Build Healthy Teams

Teams are the lifeblood of Children's Ministry. The health of our ministry stands or falls on the health of our teams.  

However, building healthy teams is easier said than done. To be honest, teamwork is, well, a lot of work.  

That's why I took the last two episodes of the Simple Kidmin Podcast to do a deep dive on how to build healthy teams in Children's Ministry. Along the way, I share some of the painful lessons I've learned from the last 25 years of leading teams as well as some helpful tips I've picked up watching teamwork in action.  

Check out the episodes below and let me know what you think. 

How to Build Healthy Teams Part 1

In Episode 23, we talk about why teams matter, what to look for when recruiting awesome team players and how to make sure your teammates are sitting in the right seat on the bus. 

Listen to Episode 23 here on the blog or over on iTunes

How to Build Healthy Teams Part 2

In Episode 24 we get into the nitty gritty work of helping people to learn to think like a team and not just as individuals.  From there we jump into the tough business of fighting for the health of your team and how to overcome dysfunction.  It's not for the faint of heart, but the results are totally worth the effort that it takes to keep your team on track with God.  

Listen to Episode 24 here on the blog or over on iTunes.