Friday, November 17, 2017

Episode 008: Are You a Thankful Children's Minister?

Our level of thankfulness reveals the condition of our hearts, shapes how we relate to others and determines the direction of our ministry.  In this episode we will check out three things that may hinder our gratitude and three "turkey busters" that will stop these selfish turkeys from running wild in our lives and ministries.

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In Children's Ministry there are so many challenges and stresses we face each week that it can be difficult to cultivate a true heart of gratitude.  We are keenly aware of the problems and the resources we don't have (Anyone need more volunteers?  A bigger budget?  Better facilities?) and we are often so busy we neglect to pause and reflect on all that we do have.

Gratitude begins with awareness, stopping long enough to recognize the goodness of God in our lives and the ways we have been blessed by others.  But true gratitude isn't complete until it is expressed.  Remember Jesus and the ten lepers?  It was the man who actually returned to Jesus and expressed his gratitude who Jesus considered to be truly thankful.  

What do you need to stop and thank God for today?  Who else do you need to thank in your ministry and in your personal life this week?  

We have so much to be thankful for in our Children's Ministries: faithful leaders, gracious parents and the joy of serving amazing kids. But no matter how much we have been blessed, it's easy to let the frustrations of ministry and the pace of life lead to envy, entitlement and busyness, all of which short-circuit gratitude in our lives. 

In today's podcast I highlight three "turkey-busters," full-proof strategies to neutralize these enemies of thankfulness in our lives.  

Try these turkey-busting Scriptures this week to help you focus on the good things things God has given you and cultivate the habit of gratitude in your life.  

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