Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday Makeover: Kids Pointe, Tupelo, Mississippi

Cross Pointe Ministries, Tupelo, Mississippi

Children's Minister, Jeremy White, and the Kids Pointe team.

What I love about this:
These guys had a lot of real estate to cover.  Just look at the sheer amount of square footage this team flipped for their kids.  Jeremy said they got a lot of mileage out of an old, broken down fence they salvaged because it was already rough and worn looking and covered a lot of space.

No professional theming companies were used, just volunteers and a boatload of creativity and sweat. This team took a simple space, and with some hard work, made it kid-friendly and cool.

How Much:
  • $1,200 building supplies
  • $500 paint/stain
  • $250 antiques (shovels, buckets, barrels, shutters, etc)

Big Ticket Item:
  • $3,000 80 inch TV (the cheapest "big" TV they could find to work in a really bright room)

Miscellaneous supplies:
  • Burlap (donated) 
  • Rope and barrels (found at garage sales)
  • Old broken down fence (found)
  • Mining cave made from a repurposed Easter prop the church had in the garage.

What's left?
  • Water tower finishing touches
  • Entrance sign with logo

Check out these before and after shots:

Back of Room

Stage Area 

Stage Area, House Right

Here are some detailed shots of the welcome desk, entrance and the rest of the  new space. 

Way to go, Kids Pointe!  You guys created the kind of space that builds excitement, engages kids' imaginations and reminds them kids matter at Cross Pointe.

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