Sunday, August 10, 2014

Creative Seating for Children's Ministry

Seating for children's worship space is always tricky.  You need a place for kids to land to give them structure and keep the room organized.  However, if they're jumping up and down and dancing during worship, it's also nice to have plenty of flexibility to spread out.  

How about chairs for worship space?  Here's just a few reasons they're on my bad list:
  • They get in the way during worship. 
  • They're distracting to the kids.  
  • They're an accident waiting to happen. 
  • They're noisy.   
  • It's hard to keep them in neat rows.
  • They really limit your options when it comes to how you use your space.  

So what do you do?  

The best option we've found is this removable carpet floor tape.  We use it in our preschool environments at our two largest campuses.  

It sticks to the floor with industrial-grade Velcro, looks way better than gaffer tape or duct table and is super durable.  It comes in four-inch wide strips in plenty of kid-friendly colors: yellow, blue, white, red, orange and green. 

Once you stick this stuff down to your carpet, it's not going anywhere (though you can remove it and stick it down again if needed).  I was convinced our kids would pick it apart in a matter of weeks, but after months of use, they haven't even made a dent in it.
It has a hard, glossy finish which looks great and makes it super easy to clean or sanitize if a kid gets sick on it or if a large group lesson gets a little on the messy side.  

At our church kids check into color-coded breakout rooms (orange and blue), so we've used the same color to show where kids from the two different rooms land when they come to large group worship. This makes dismissal easy because we can call the kids out by color.

If you'd like to try this awesome carpet tape for yourself, you can order it online at


  1. This is Brilliant. I am not a fan of Chairs either, we use benches at a few of our locations but use tape to line them up. Will be checking this out for sure!

  2. Where can I go to buy this tape? The links aren't working.

  3. Sorry about that. Here's the link:

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