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This page is to give you more information about Kairos Quest, a 39 week large group/huddle curriculum published by 3DM Publishing.  3DM Publishes provides churches around the world with practical tools to do discipleship and mission in an increasingly post-Christian world.

To bring the Kairos Quest experience home to your family, also be sure to check out the my upcoming family devotional series God's Big Adventure: Covenant and Kingdom for Kids releasing in July 2015.

Kairos Quest is all about helping kids discover the adventure of following Jesus.  It gives kids a biblical framework for their lives by exploring the two big ideas from Scripture: relationship and responsibility.   In Kairos Quest kids will discover what it means to live as a kid of the King and how God wants to use them to bring His kingdom to earth.   

Each week of Kairos Quest contains:
  • A large group lesson full of creative storytelling techniques designed to bring the Bible to life.
  • A huddle lesson to help smaller groups of kids apply what they’ve experienced to their everyday lives.
  • A family take-home activity to do with their parents.


Quarter 1, Lessons 1-13:  Introduces something called LifeShapes, a simple way to use geometric shapes to help kids explore some big Bible concepts like discipleship, community and prayer.

Quarter 2, Lessons 14-26:  Covers the Christmas story and then begins a wild ride through the Old Testament, exploring the themes of relationship and responsibility through the key players in the Bible.

Quarter 3, Lessons 27-39:  Continues the relationship and responsibility story in New Testament with the life, miracles, death and resurrection of Jesus and the birth of the early church.

For a more detailed scope and sequence, click here

So if you’re trying to figure out an easy way to get discipleship and mission into the drinking water with the kids at your church, and you’d like to give them a strong overview of the Bible’s big story, then check out Kairos Quest.   It’s about Jesus, kids and adventure.  What could be more fun than that?

To download a free four week sample unit, click here.

To purchase the 39 weeks for your church, click here.

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