Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Episode 011: Helping 5th Graders Transition from Children's Ministry to Student Ministry

How do you successfully transition kids from Children’s Ministry to Student Ministry?  How can you set 5th graders up to continue to grow as they move into Middle School?  Check out this episode of the Simple Kidmin Podcast to learn how our Children's Ministry partners with Student Ministry to help families have a smooth and successful transition.

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5th Grade Celebration

One of my favorite things our church does to help 5th grade families transition is a family experience called 5th Grade Celebration.  You can learn all about it on this week's podcast and check out the order of service and some pictures below.

Order of Service
  • Pre-Service
    • Slideshow of 5th Graders (baby picture and current picture)
    • Ice Cream Bar
    • Photo Booth
  • Service
    • Time Machine Game
    • "God Is" Activity (celebrating what God has done in the past)
    • "Hello, My Name Is" Activity (celebrating 5th graders' identity in Christ in the present
    • Bible Teaching - 1 Samual 17:37
    • Family Prayer Time (families gather to pray over their 5th grader's future)
    • Student Pastor prays over families
    • Closing Countdown / Confetti Moment
    • Dismiss

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  1. This is great! Exactly what I have been looking for! Thank you!!