Friday, February 3, 2017

Simple Kidmin Podcast Episode 003: How to Set Your Leaders Up to Win (Part 1)

We work hard inviting new leaders to serve in Children's Ministry, but once we place them in the ministry are we setting them up to win?  

In part one of this two part episode we'll cover four things that every new volunteer needs from us to succeed in their role.  You can listen on iTunes or on the embedded player below.

In this episode we dive into the first four of the eight things every new leader needs from us to set them up to win.

1. Vision
Here is a great video from North Point Community Church that is an excellent example of how to share a compelling vision with your leaders.  Even if you don't have the resources to capture stories like this on video, you can have leaders (or former kids from your ministry) share their testimony live during volunteer event.

2. Clear Expectations
One way to give leaders clear expectations is to provide detailed job descriptions.  Check out this sample job description for a Children's Ministry Life Group Leader that we use at my church.  

3. The Right Tools
Leaders need the right tools in their hands to set them up to win.  

That starts with curriculum.  Check out this great blog post on how to choose the right curriculum for your church.  

Here is a look at some of the supply bins we use to set our small group leaders up to win. The first picture is from a portable campus where we set out bins in whatever space is available.

The next picture is a shot from one of our permanent campuses, where we have shelves that are custom built to hold each small group supply bin.

This is a sneak peek inside one of our preschool supplies bins, which contains everything the small group leader will need for the morning's activity.

4. The Right Environment
Here are four posts that will give some ideas of how you can create a better physical environment for your leaders and kids.  


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