Sunday, January 15, 2017

Simple Kidmin Podcast: Episode 002 KidSplash Family Experience

What do you do in your church when families start asking questions about salvation and baptism?  At my church, we throw a party.  It's called KidSplash.  Check out Episode 002 of the Simple Kidmin Podcast to learn more.

What Is KidSplash?

Here's an article I wrote for K! Magazine about KidSplash that gives you a great overview of the experience.

Want to see what KidSplash looks like for yourself?  Check out this video we use to promote it with our families.

Kidsplash from Southland Christian Church on Vimeo.

The Jesus Letter

In the podcast I talk about my favorite take-home resource we give families coming out of KidSplash. It's called the Jesus Letter.  You can learn all about that here.

What do I love about KidSplash?
1.     I love the confidence I see on parents’ faces as they walk out the door.   We tell them, “You are the experts on your kids but even the experts need a little help.”  Parents need encouragement.

2.     I love that it gets families talking and makes spiritual conversations a little less weird.

3.     I love that kids are leading their parents to Christ.  We’ve seen so many parents give their lives to Jesus because their kids started asking questions and they came to KidSplash and heard the gospel together.

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