Monday, December 29, 2014

New Year's Eve Family Devotion

Holidays are a great opportunity to start spiritual conversations with our family.  They offer us a chance to build meaningful traditions and point our kids to back to God even if the holiday itself has little or no spiritual significance.  Kids love holidays, and they make a fun excuse to talk about God together.  Following is the first of several family devotions I’ll be writing in 2015 on my new family discipleship blog to help parents make the most of the holidays throughout the year.  

New Year's Eve Family Devotion

Why a separate family discipleship blog?

Because I'm super excited about equipping families and feel like God is calling me to resource parents in a whole new way in 2015.  To do that effectively I'm creating a site just for them.

The Simple Kidmin blog will continue to be a place where I'll speak directly to Children's Ministry leaders while will be my home base for parents.

At I will be writing family devotionals and sharing tips about following Jesus together.   If you'd like to subscribe to my family discipleship blog, you can sign up below.

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