Saturday, January 18, 2014

Resources for Beating the Kidmin Blahs

A few weeks into January, it's easy to get the blahs.  The sky is dark.   The weather's nasty.  You started the year with good intentions.  Now there's a million things to do and not enough time or money to do it.

If you're feeling those winter blues, here are a few encouraging resources to get you refocused and back on track for this next season of ministry.


Ten Rules to Avoid Ministry Burnout by David Weidis

An Effective Way to Renew Passion that Many Leaders Miss by Carey Nieuwof

8 Ways to Rediscover Your Passion for Ministry by Tony Kummer



So many times our challenging seasons come from working without a healthy rhythm of rest and Sabbath.

In this video from Community of Hope church, Jason Lovold does a great job talking about what it looks like to have a healthy rhythm in your life.   This is a quick summary of Mike Breen's teaching on  the Semi-Circle LifeShape from 3DM.

Huddle Series: Building a Discipling Culture: Rhythm of Life – Semi-Circle from Community of Hope on Vimeo.


If you want to go deeper into what Scripture says about having a healthy rhythm of working and resting, here is the link to Mike's original teaching in the 3DM store.

Image: 'A Case of The Rainy Day Blahs
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