Wednesday, August 14, 2013

When It Comes to Decor, Sometimes Less Is More

One of the things I love about my team at Southland is their knack for creating inviting spaces. Take this preschool breakout room, for example.  It's simple.  It's clean.  It's clutter free.  There's nothing particularly fancy about it, no murals or bulletin boards or flashing neon signs.  In fact, I'd say what makes it look so appealing is as much what you don't see as what you do see.

  • You don't see any junk.  
  • You don't see hand-written paper signs on the walls.  
  • You don't see worn out cardboard cut-outs left-over from 1983.  

You see fun colors, intentional spaces and toys that are practically begging to be played with.

This is how the room looks right before check-in (and it's reset like this before each service).   Clearly we're expecting company because we've cleaned up and prepared the space to receive our very special tiny guests and their parents.

Even if you can't afford new carpet or paint, everyone can afford to clean out, organize and throw away the stuff that looks tired and worn.   If you don't have a knack for organizing (I hear ya), find someone who does and turn them loose on your children's space.  

Ruthlessly eliminate clutter.   Get your space show ready.  Look like you're expecting guests - because every kid who walks through your door is worth your very best.  

Remember, excellence isn't perfection.  It doesn't have to break the bank.  It's simply doing the best with what you have.

What's one thing you can pitch this week to make your children's space more inviting?  

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