Tuesday, August 6, 2013

God Always Has Something Bigger

For most kidmins back to school can be a crazy time of year.  You're leading, recruiting, strategizing, programming, creating, counseling and doing 100 other things just to get ready to launch the new school year.  

In the midst of all of the tiny details it's easy to lose sight of the fact that God is up to some big things in your ministry.  You know the funny part about big things?  They're hard to see up close.  

It's only when we get some distance from them that we have perspective to see just how big they truly are.  Think about the characters in the Bible.  With the hindsight of thousands of years of history it's easy for us to see the big things God was doing in and through them.  

But how many Bible characters realized the enormity of what God was doing at the time?  Like us, they were caught up in the immediacy of day-to-day life.  Like us, they dreamed too small.  But God?   God had something bigger.  

Abraham and Sarah wanted a baby.  They got a whole family of faith.  God had something bigger.

Moses wanted to stay.  The bush told him to go.  God had something bigger.

Gideon wanted to hide.  The angel called him Mighty Warrior.  God had something bigger.

Ruth wanted to be a faithful friend.  She became the grandmother of kings.  God had something bigger.

David  wanted to lead his sheep.  He eventually led a nation.  God had something bigger.

Jonah wanted to punish his enemies.  He became an instrument of grace.  God had something bigger.

Esther wanted to play it safe.  She risked her life to save her people.  God had something bigger.

Nehemiah wanted to build a wall.  He restored the hope of Israel.  God had something bigger.

Joseph wanted to settle down with Mary.  Instead he became the father of God.  God had something bigger.

The woman at the well wanted a drink.  Jesus quenched her thirst.  God had something bigger.

Martha wanted to work.  Jesus told her to sit.  God has something bigger.

Peter wanted to protect Jesus.  Jesus came to die.  God had something bigger.

The Jewish people wanted a hero to conquer Rome.  Instead Jesus conquered death.  God had something bigger.

The women wanted to prepare Jesus'  body. Instead they found an empty tomb.  God had something bigger.

Saul wanted to kill Christians.  Instead he evangelized the world.  God had something bigger.

You came to Children's Ministry at the time you did, under the circumstances you did, for the reasons you did.  But God had something bigger.

So, this fall, in the midst of all the tiny details, don't miss out on the big kingdom stuff that God is sending your way.  We dream way too small but God always, always has something bigger.

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