Sunday, January 6, 2013

Diary of a New Campus - Photo Tour

We had an incredible launch weekend, but honestly, I'm too tired to write!  So instead, here's a quick photo tour of our new Richmond Road campus.  More good stuff to come later this week.

Steel plate welded to a beam in the building
- pretty much says it all about Children's Ministry, right?

Entrance to Animation Station preschool environment
Animation Station large group theater

Animation Station Breakout Room

Entrance to K-2nd Grade Drive-In environment
Drive-In large group theater

Entrance to 3rd-5th grade Backlot environment - steel plate with individually cut wooden letters
Backlot large group theater
Smoke and lights for plenty of atmosphere

Backlot Check-In lobby - movie memorabilia in the frames

More movie props in the Backlot lobby - Children's Ministry is an adventure!

Nursery Check-In


The vault where we keep Children's Ministry offering


Hallway leading to the Backlot and Drive-In


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