Saturday, January 5, 2013

Diary of a New Campus: 4 Hours Before Launch

I was reading Joshua 1 last night with my seven year-old for bedtime devotions.  We talked about how scared Joshua must have been taking over for Moses after his death.  We talked about how overwhelming it must have felt to be the one God chose to lead thousands and thousands of people into the promised land - a place of beautiful possibility and terrifying conflict.  We talked about how scary it is to do something for the first time.  Sleep overs.   Dentist visits.  And yes, launching a new campus!  

Maybe that's why God told Joshua over and over again in that chapter to be strong and courageous because God would be with him, and God Himself would give him the land.

We are four hours away from launching our newest campus.  Four hours.  

When we launched our first new campus in Danville more than three years ago, they told us to plan for 200-300 people.  800 showed up.  

For this campus, we're planning for 2,000 - 3,000.  If the same math holds true, this time around, it could be a very interesting weekend.   

I've had butterflies all day.  The good kind.  Anticipation.  Expectation.  My head is swimming with details and my heart is full of promise.  

Out on a limb is the place my faith comes alive, and I figure out if I really believe everything I say I believe.  This is the place I love to be.

The bottom line is that for any of us in Children's Ministry, it can be scary stepping out into the unknown, until we realize that none of it is unknown to God.  And as long as we're following His voice, we're never stepping out alone.  

I can't wait to watch God show up tonight and do what only He can do.  It's one thing to build a building, but only God can build the church.  Looking forward to sharing the adventure with all of you as we go.

So, how about you?  When was the last time God called you to step out into the unknown?  How did it turn out?  What did you learn along the way?

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