Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Episode 005: Baby Dedication Services

Does your church do a dedication service for parents who want to make some kind of public commitment to raise their child to know Jesus?  Have you ever thought about making it more intentional?  

Last year we did a total reboot of the service we offered and created an experience for parents of babies called Rooted.  Check out the newest episode of the Simple Kidmin podcast to hear more about it.  

Click here to listen in iTunes.

Parents committing to raise their child to know Jesus

Rooted welcome desk where families check in and pick up their gift bag

Friday, February 17, 2017

Episode 004: How to Set Your Leaders up to Win (Part 2)

This is the second part of a two-part episode about setting our leaders up to win in Children's Ministry.  In Part One I said there are eight things every leader needs from us to succeed, and I covered the first four on the list: 

   1. Vision
   2. Clear Expectations
   3. The Right Tools
   4. The Right Environment

In today's episode we will look at the other four things our leaders need from us for success. You can listen on iTunes or on the embedded player below.


Once you're done with this episode, download the Leader Culture Report Card to grade yourself on how you're doing in each category.  

On the report card you'll see there is a column to evaluate where you were a year ago, where you are now and one more column you can use for a mid-year check-up six months from now.  

You'll notice there's one version of the report card for you to fill out, and if you're feeling brave, another version to share with your leaders to get their feedback. 

Here are the other four things our leaders need from us along with links to specific books and other resources I reference in the podcast.  

Monday, February 6, 2017

Welcome to the Simple Kidmin Podcast!

Big news today!  This morning I am officially launching the Simple Kidmin Podcast, a podcast designed to encourage and equip you as you lead kids, parents and volunteers. I'm celebrating 21 years in Children's Ministry this year and just want to pass on what I'm learning along the way.

I'll be releasing a new episode every other Monday morning.  If you subscribe to the Simple Kidmin newsletter below, you'll receive the show notes delivered straight to your inbox loaded with helpful links, pictures and videos that will take each podcast topic a little bit deeper.
You can take a look at the show notes here:  

Episode 000: About the Podcast
Epidode 001: Living as a Kid of the King
Episode 002: KidSplash Family Experience
Episode 003: How to Set Leaders up to Win (Part 1)

Friday, February 3, 2017

Simple Kidmin Podcast Episode 003: How to Set Your Leaders Up to Win (Part 1)

We work hard inviting new leaders to serve in Children's Ministry, but once we place them in the ministry are we setting them up to win?  

In part one of this two part episode we'll cover four things that every new volunteer needs from us to succeed in their role.  You can listen on iTunes or on the embedded player below.

In this episode we dive into the first four of the eight things every new leader needs from us to set them up to win.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Simple Kidmin Podcast Episode 000: About the Podcast

Welcome to the Simple Kidmin podcast!  Why am I doing a podcast?  Because I love Children's Ministers like you and want to encourage you in what you're doing.  I'm celebrating my 21st year leading in Children's Ministry in the local church and want to see more people stick with Children's Ministry for the long haul. 

Over the next several episodes I want to encourage you and to give you tips, teaching and skills that will make the journey a little bit easier.  It will hopefully make you more effective and will give you wind in your sails to keep on keeping on leading the charge for Children’s Ministry in your church.

What can you expect from this podcast?
  • A new episode every other Monday morning.
  • Best kidmin practices learned from two decades of Children's Ministry.
  • Devotions and teaching to help you grow spiritually.
  • Practical examples of what's working in my church.
  • Hilarious stories about kids and leaders.
  • Stories of my most epic failures and what you can learn from them.
  • Not a lot of interviews - just a heart-to-heart conversation from one kidmin to another.
  • A boatload of encouragement and inspiration.  

How can you help?
  • Subscribe in iTunes.
  • Leave a review on iTunes to help me get the word out.  
  • Tell all of your Children's Ministry friends about the podcast.  
  • Let me know if you find something helpful or encouraging and give me feedback what you'd like me to cover in the future.  You can email me at jason@simplekidmin.com. 
  • Sign up for the Simple Kidmin newsletter to get the show notes sent straight to your inbox.


Theme Song

Big thanks to my friend Brad Bramer for giving me permission to use his song You Give Us Life for the Simple Kidmin podcast.  Into the Blue is great worship album from Birdhouse Worship for kids, families and students. You can purchase it yourself in iTunes or find it on Spotify.


Disclaimer: The opinions and recommendations expressed in this podcast are my own. They are not authorized or endorsed by Southland Christian Church and are not intended to represent Southland in any way.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Simple Kidmin Podcast Episode 001: Living as a Kid of the King

Sometimes its way too easy to let our identity get wrapped up in what we do for God, that we forget how to live life with God.  You probably spend a lot of time serving, teaching and ministering to God’s kids and the leaders who lead them, but do you know how to live as one of God’s kids yourself?  

That's what we're covering today in the Simple Kidmin podcast.  You can listen to this episode in iTunes or on the embedded player below.

When we forget that we are children of God, we become:

  • fearful
  • controlling
  • approval seeking
  • suspicious
  • cynical
  • judgmental
  • protective
  • cautious
  • bitter
  • stressed out
  • worn out
  • burned out

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Simple Kidmin Podcast: Episode 002 KidSplash Family Experience

What do you do in your church when families start asking questions about salvation and baptism?  At my church, we throw a party.  It's called KidSplash.  Check out Episode 002 of the Simple Kidmin Podcast to learn more.

What Is KidSplash?

Here's an article I wrote for K! Magazine about KidSplash that gives you a great overview of the experience.

Want to see what KidSplash looks like for yourself?  Check out this video we use to promote it with our families.

Kidsplash from Southland Christian Church on Vimeo.